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// Experiences

Software Engineer  Bird Rides, Inc.

October 2019 - April 2020

While at Bird I worked in a mission team building, testing, and sunsetting, billion dollar ideas outside of the core business.

  • Our engineering team had two iOS engineers, two Android engineers, and two full-stack engineers (I'm one of these two).
  • We worked fast, sometimes transforming ideas from our product manager into code ready for the next release just a few hours after introduction to the team.

On this team, I focused on BirdPay, a QR-based payment platform integrated with the Bird app, and the renters/owners program at Bird.

  • During the initial safer at home orders the city of Santa Monica published a map of essential businesses. As an alternative to operations associates copying the information from the map manually, I traced the source of this map to write a script that uploaded 127 businesses to BirdPay for user visibility

Outside of my mission team, I participated fiercely in the larger engineering organization goals.

  • Facilitated several full-stack guild meetings, and readily filled in for absent facilitators
  • Spent Fridays working with Engineering leadership on tickets designed to reduce costs or speed up development in less than four hours of work
  • Placed 3rd in an internal hackathon on my 5th day at work! - the prize was a jacket with "Hacktober 2019" on it

Stack was: Kotlin, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Ruby, Python;

// Projects & Blog Posts

Git Reviewing

November 28, 2018
Have you ever worked in an environment where pull requests need your review in a timely manner, but there is a lot of traffic on slack, or in emails? Worry no more! With this in-progress tool, you can select specific repostiories linked to your github account to monitor for pull requests needing your review! This application is written in python, using rumps, and will eventually be published at least to GitHub open source.
// Education
December 2017
Cogswell Polytechnic College

B.S. Software Engineering

Transferred in after 2 years at SJSU

May 2013
Calabasas High School

Received a high school diploma

// Skills & Software
 Computer Assisted Drawing
 Full-Stack Web Development
 Mobile Device Management for Apple
 React + Native
 Scripting and Management of gApps
 Web Scraping
// Hobbies
 Waiting For Death
 3D Printing
 King of all Sharks in Space
 Video Games

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