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My name is Daniel Evans.
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Software EngineerRinse, Inc.April 2018 - March 2019

My time at Rinse taught me the beauty, and importance, of writing project specification documents. My teammates helped me feel confident in my strengths, and courageous in facing my weaknesses.

  • Full-stack engineer working with Django, plain js, jQuery, React, Vue, CSS, and SCSS
  • Product owner for updating, testing, and deploying an internal mobile application for iOS and Android through a hybrid framework used in daily operations by hundreds of users for a variety of purposes
  • Worked in two-week sprint cycles continually pushing forward revenue impacting features and bug fixes
  • Managed a variety of IT tasks including, but not limited to, setting up Mobile Device Management, flashing and repairing linux machines, and preparing for internal town halls
  • Supported other teammates on external React Native application
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Git ReviewingNovember 28, 2018

Have you ever worked in an environment where pull requests need your review in a timely manner, but there is a lot of traffic on slack, or in emails? Worry no more! With this in-progress tool, you can select specific repostiories linked to your github account to monitor for pull requests needing your review! This application is written in python, using rumps , and will eventually be published at least to GitHub open source.
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December 2017

Cogswell Polytechnic College

B.S. Software Engineering

Transferred in after 2 years at SJSU

May 2013

Calabasas High School

Received a high school diploma

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 Computer Assisted Drawing
 Full-Stack Web Development
 Mobile Device Management for Apple
 React + Native
 Scripting and Management of gApps
 Web Scraping
 Waiting For Death
 3D Printing
 King of all Sharks in Space
 Video Games